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Jun 27 2018 - 07:58pm

One of the things I’ve seen during my time at EdLab is a lot of entrepreneurs presenting their companies at the seminar. However, a lot of these entrepreneurs are not teachers. Why are there not enough teachers starting their own companies? Edupreneurs, as this Huffington Post article calls them, can be helpful to the school environment. Teachers and students are both using technology more than ever so teacher can create an app or company that can make it easy for students to learn, etc. According to the article, edupreneurs are smart and passionate people who are dedicated to exploring the entrepreneur space using creativity and education technology. Additionally, they have excellent communication skills and multitasking ability. These traits are always useful in any environment. Just like entrepreneurs, edupreneurs understand the value of the job and the tasks ahead. I believe teachers are highly underrated but have one of the most significant jobs in the society.

Why do you think enough teachers don’t become entrepreneurs? Is entrepreneurship something that can be taught?

Posted in: Education|By: Samuel Fordjour|372 Reads