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Apr 20 2018 - 10:30am
EdLabber Spotlights: The Video Team

You may have seen them traversing the state of New York in pursuit of art or justice or pizza. Perhaps you’ve spotted them on set in the Smith Learning Theater, shining a light on the adventures of academics and technologists and preschoolers

But regardless of how you’ve encountered their work, you’re sure to be as much a fan of the storytellers themselves as you are of their stories. Meet the members of the EdLab video team below! 

If you were to start your own video series, what would it be about?

Jackie Heltz, Video Producer 

In my wildest dreams, I would launch an animated series that takes a deeper look at our untapped in-house goldmine, Phil the Pocket. The show is called "Deep Pockets." It explores what it's like to be modern-day family man, business man, and keeper of knowledge. Pocket knowledge. The show stars Phil's pocket/office supplies family including his partner Penjamin, their kids, Penvelope and Fuzz and touches on tough issues like archiving for tomorrow and pick pocketing.

What's a filmmaking tool you couldn't live without?

Andrew Visser, Video Producer 

My Zoom Lens is my favorite tool. It is precise and works in Metric or Imperial (like me).

Pitch a short film starring the video team.


Johanne Ebel, Video Producer 

I would make it a dystopian comedy short, where a small crew of dedicated video producers has made it their mission to recreate and reenact the lost cultural treasures of pop culture music videos - aiming to provide some lightness in these dark times and lifting the spirits of the oppressed population. 

If you could organize an event in the Smith Learning Theater without restrictions, what would it be?

Sushmita Saha, Video Producer 

My wedding Reception #3 

(Fun Fact: Sushmita recently got married for the second time. To the same man she married the first time 😜

What’s been you favorite project to work on?

Katherine Hoskins, Video Producer 

My favorite project was our "Drag 101" episode of our Seen in New York series, with the fabulous drag queen Miz Cracker. I always love picking up hot new makeup tips!

Luke Malone, Lead Video Producer 

I love our team and every project that we work on. Basketball taught me long ago that to be the best team player you need to sacrifice yourself to get the shot. 

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