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Mar 08 2018 - 11:11am
The Four Types of AI

AI is a term sometimes thrown around willy-nilly as an all-encompassing descriptor for any bot with a face. 

According to this 2016 White House report on AI, the definition of artificial intelligence has shifted over time, and it will likely continue to change as technology advances. My guess is that this has contributed to disconnect between public versus industry constructs of the term; it seems as though everyone conjures up a different mental image whenever I say AI. 

And gaps in language are distressing! How do we begin to discuss any sort of AI-driven/AI-supported future without a shared vocabulary? 

Here’s one answer (or a piece of a piece of an answer). This nifty infographic from Futurism puts forward a four-tier classification model for AI: 

Do you agree with the ways AI is grouped here? Who has the authority to say what qualifies as AI (versus, say, machine learning)? What types of AI do you think will be most prevalent in the future (i.e. what will appeal to investors)? Let me know what you think in the comments section! 

P.S. This blog post is also a subtle plug for Futurism’s infographics. I ❤️ when things are explained to me in pictures. 

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