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Mar 08 2018 - 10:51am
Oceans Unseen at AMNH

Seahorses, holographic sandboxes, plankton!

This week I previewed the Oceans Unseen exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History (opens March 12th). It's dark, atmospheric, media-rich, and might generate a few bright ideas for anyone working on the Deep Sea event with Hollingworth in the LT.

The exhibit opens with overhead projections of waves crashing at your feet.

The entire space is very dimly lit with bright pops of color to highlight the phenomenon of biofluorescence.

180-degree high-resolution screens show off animations of blue whales, giant squids, and manta rays in life-size scale.

Squids are just terrifying creatures (and aliens in my opinion). 

They also have live specimens (seahorses, eels, and catsharks) for up close ogling. 

Ocean currents explained with visually stimulating lights. Really, the lighting throughout makes the whole experience very engaging. 

Ample black lights (very Tron):

Peeping into deep-sea trenches:

Holographic projections into a sandbox create a hands-on, transformable topography. 

This was an incredibly satisfying experience:

And microscopic organisms get a fair share of the spotlight.

Overall, it's a well-curated, smartly lit, easy-to-peruse exhibit that's worth the field trip. 

Now bow before the New King of Atlantis!

By: Brian Sweeting|425 Reads