Jan 01 2018 - 10:45pm
The Other College Madness

Applying to colleges can be an overwhelming experience, especially for new and first-time applicants. The application process serves as the seminal transition period from high school to college and it is a highly intensive and stressful period for students. In this op-ed for the NY Times, Rebecca Zwich addresses the misconceptions and challenges applicants face during the application process. For example, she notes that some applicants consider themselves a worthy candidate for a particular school based on high grades and test scores. However, colleges are not required to select students deemed most likely to earn high college grades or graduate. A few years ago, I was one of those students who went through the stressful and demanding application process. It was more than I had anticipated. From picking colleges that had my major to the college I wanted to attend, every one of these processes was not an easy road. Recommendations from teachers and family can be a great help, but ultimately the decision comes down to the applicant. Even though applying to colleges can be an emotional time, making a thoughtful decision can have long last consequences. 

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