Jan 01 2018 - 06:48pm
Behavior Education

In this op-ed, educator Maxine Insera argues that the most important curriculum that is not being taught to children from pre-K to 12th is developmental behavior. A veteran educator who has taught at all levels, she has been recently working with Peace Works, a curriculum currently in over 20,000 schools. The curriculum helps students better their behavior by teaching traditional values like justice, honesty, and responsibility. Insera believes that a productive learning climate is a goal. Furthermore, Insera believes an improvement in children's behavior should be a desired educational goal.

The high school I attended felt like a prison than an educational institution. We had to go through metal detectors and there was a constant police presence. Students tend to create conflicts because of personal issues, self-esteem, or trying to fit into social norms. In my high schools, students did not often look at different ways in which they could resolve a conflict. Insera argues that a lack of teaching traditional values of behavior can help. In an era where most of K-12 education is focused on the STEM subjects, what place, if any, does behavior education have in the curriculum?

By: Derrick Cordova|229 Reads