Oct 08 2017 - 08:41pm
Millenial Thoughts on Education

The list of grievances by older Americans against millennials’ and our attitudes towards a host of things such as employment, and political views, among others. A new study by researchers at the University of Chicago looks at millennial attitudes towards education, specifically school choice and importance of higher education. The majority of millennials, across various racial lines, are in favor of charter schools and support publicly funded vouchers for low-income students at private schools. The general consensus on vouchers was not the case when it came to the importance and value of higher education.  According to the researchers, “62% of Asian-Americans and 57% of Latinos say a college education is “necessary today to be successful.” Slightly fewer white (55%) and African-American (51%) young adults say the same.” The researchers highlighted that the forces (e.g. rising tuition costs and dropout rates) driving the perception of higher education by African Americans is an area of further research. 

By: Derrick Cordova|367 Reads