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Aug 16 2017 - 10:38pm
Tech Nerd's Art

This Github repository is an adorable example that a tech nerd can be an artist - not in terms of the product s/he creates through coding, but in terms of the codes per se being arts.

So what is it? It is some really difficult code that turns Ruby code into Scala code, then to Scheme code, then to Perl code, then to Lua code, and so on so forth (100 languages in total).

As an educator you may ask, why? Here's the programmer answer:

Why not? Why not? Why not?

 Numerous other programmers agree.

As a programmer myself I think this project is fun and cool. But I will never do that myself (I am not that good anyway). As a father and educator, however, I feel this can be turned into a great "teachable moment". Like my kid is extremely fascinated by his lego toys and tells a different foolish story to himself everyday playing with the same lego pieces. Maybe next time I can ask him to record himself and polish the story over and over again. By the time he graduates high school he may have already published his first novel book. Who knows.

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