Jul 14 2017 - 11:25pm
Post High School Plans Now a Requirement

I recently graduated high school and it close what was a major chapter of my short life thus far. Four years of endless assignments coupled with athletic and other school related commitments meant graduation was a bittersweet moment. The work of the past four years was duly rewarded with a diploma and I eagerly await what college will offer in a few weeks time. For students in Chicago public schools, graduating high school now has a new component. Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced that students will have to show proof of future plans before they can be awarded their diplomas. The plans can include college enrollment, military service, gap year plans, job offers, and vocational training, among others. About 60% of Chicago high school students have post graduate plans. Though Chicago is one of the biggest school districts in the country, about 73% of its students graduate high school. However, only 18% of ninth-graders eventually graduate high school and eventually earn a bachelor’s degree within 10 years of starting high school. 



What are your thoughts on this requirement? Is it fair to students?


By: Evans Asamoah|174 Reads