Jul 14 2017 - 01:19pm
Learn Your Rights
The New Jersey State Assembly recently passed a bill that requires K-12 students to take classes on how to interact with cops. The relationship between police officers and civilians is nearly nonexistent, as it is in some communities across the nation. Shootings on both sides have dominated the national news in recent years and have led to cities rethinking how police officers are educated. The bill’s original draft was met with concerns as some felt it placed an unnecessary responsibility on civilians when they are stopped by cops.  The amended version which was eventually adopted focuses more on educating students about their rights.
I think this is a great idea by New Jersey, and other states have similar regulations in the works. Historically, society turns to schools in times of national crises (e.g., AIDS, Cold War science battles) so this is a continuation. If students are aware of their rights and able to articulate and act upon them accordingly, it will help lower instances. I also think police departments can do a better job of learning about the people in the communities they patrol as it will help close the distrust gap.   

By: Francisco Mendoza|140 Reads