Jul 10 2017 - 08:40am
How Much Is Too Much?

I’ve focused my last several blog posts to different learning styles and which ones work best for me personally. I want to devote this post to some interesting figures that I’ve recently learned that further adds to what I am learning in the course.


How much is too much? In California, the annual cost to house an inmate is $75,560.This can pay for tuition at Harvard with money to spare. According to California Governor Jerry Brown, this figure will become irrelevant in the coming years as the state expects to fewer inmates. Regardless of the number of inmates, this is still a very high cost. The salaries and other benefits for guards account for one of the reasons for the high cost associated with inmates. Both tuition and the cost of an inmate have drastically increased in the last seven years.


There are many students who are currently paying off an exorbitant amount of student loans or struggling to enroll in college due to lack of funding. I find it therefore extremely unfair that more tax money is being used for inmates than for students. New York State recently made public college free. Although Harvard won’t be free, should every state lean towards free public college for its residents?

By: Francisco Mendoza|446 Reads