May 16 2017 - 09:32pm
World’s Coolest Kindergarten

How many of us remember the best part of kindergarten? There is a school in Germany that could lay claim as the coolest kindergarten in the world. The Pestalozzi Foundation kindergarten operates from inside the Millerntor-Stadion, a huge soccer stadium in Hamburg, Germany. It has called the stadium its home since 2010. The stadium is home to FC St. Pauli, a pro soccer team. The kindergarten was built as a part of the stadium when it through renovation several years ago. The planners had an empty space inside the stadium and settled on building a kindergarten. In the classrooms, teachers usually pick one of the club's famous songs for the students to sing together. Additionally, it borrows facilities inside the stadium for group activities. The cool factor must be the occasional visit by players to read out loud to the students.

This experimental kindergarten could offer a lesson for how we approach early schooling in the U.S. Children should be able to have fun in an environment where they are also learning. This can have a big influence on how they perceive school and ultimately learning.

By: Derrick Cordova|213 Reads