Apr 13 2017 - 08:24am
Tech in the Classroom

I’ve been reading a lot about the role technology can play in improving education for students and teachers in impoverished corners of the world. This interest comes from my own educational experience in Honduras and the U.S. My schooling experience in Honduras was very traditional. My school didn’t have access to any sort of technology. Since I moved to the U.S. several years ago, I use a variety of technology to learn and study. I have also used apps and other resources to learn and research more about colleges, financial, and potential areas of study.

There are a host of education related platforms that range from best teaching practices, customizing lesson plans, managing assignments and completing evaluations. I am a better learner because I have been able to learn using online resources. My friends and former classmates in Honduras certainly don’t have that luxury. The issue for schools in Honduras and other impoverished countries is government spreading. The government spends close to 6% of its GDP on education. However, none of that spending is on technology or incorporating it in public schools. This seems to be the norm for most developing countries. It would be great to see them devoting a portion of their education spending on training teachers to implement technology as part of their teaching. The effect could be profound on students and subsequently society.
By: Derrick Cordova|658 Reads