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Apr 08 2017 - 10:58 AM
Classroom 2.0 - A Tool for?

Check out this video on Classroom 2.0 and the accompanying story that outlines some of the major features of the recently (and quietly) released 2.0 version of Apple's Classroom.  By allowing for more decentralized coordination of a set of iPads, this version suggests some use cases that might be more in line with the things we want to do in the EdLab, Learning Theater, and the Library.  

Here's a start on a list of possible use cases:  (Keep in mind that any -or all- of these could be pointless, but it is hard to know what might be useful without trying.)

1 - EdLab   

A) Seminar Groups - A set of 8 iPad Pros (12.9 inch) could allow each table group to have a drawing/creation/prototying platform.  If paired with Apple TV, each group's output could be pushed to the large screen for everyone to see in a shareout.

B) Seminar Participants - A set of 40 iPad Pros (9.7 inch) could allow each participant in the seminar to have access to any materials the seminar leader wants to share.

C. EdLab Workstations - An iPad Mini used in a standard EdLab workstation configuration could become a convenient desktop communication device for announcements, alerts, reminders.

2 - Learning Theater

A) A set of iPad Pros (9.7) could allow event organizers to distribute and manage digital content to individual participants.

B) A set of iPad Pros (9.7) could allow the LT team to distribute control of lighting, audio, etc., to selected individual participants throughout the Theater 

3 - Library

A) A set of iPad Pros (9.7) could be centrally managed to display content related to an exhibit or a book collection.

B) A set of iPad Pros (9.7) used with ROOMER could be centrally managed to distribute other content via the wall mounted displays and then revert back to ROOMER. 

What other use cases can you think of for an easily managed set of iPads?

Posted in: Project Idea|By: Gary Natriello|752 Reads