Feb 11 2017 - 10:59am
Design Documentary - What Can We Learn?
As we continue to develop all aspects of the library program and the physical and digital environments we are constructing to support it, design occupies a central place in our work. Each of our teams has a roll to play in the designs that organize and orient our efforts to support learning. With this in mind the new documentary series, Abstract may be worth our attention. It has certainly attracted the attention of a number of online commentators, each with a somewhat different point of view: Kayla Kobb in the Decider finds it soothing. Scott Dadich in Wired finds it revealing of the designers as he reveals the close connections to Wired. Kelsey Kloss in House Beautiful recommends binge watching all eight episodes. Alissa Wilkinson in Vox interviews Morgan Neville and Christoph Niemann about the episode on Niemann that Neville directed. Pete Forester in Esquire sees the series as revealing the hard work and attendant failures of designers. Alexandra Lange in Curbed offers a critical episode by episode look at the series. Liz Shannon Miller in IndieWire ranks the eight episodes and recommends a particular viewing order. If you get the chance to catch one or more episodes, please share any lessons you find for our own work.
Posted in: Media Design|By: Gary Natriello|541 Reads