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Jan 04 2017 - 05:50pm
"10 Ways To Be A Better Employee In 2017"
Maybe it's the fact that we're in the final steps of our annual evaluation process... or maybe it's the spirit of a new year... but in any case, this article stood out to me: Some suggestions stood out to me as counterintuitive—or maybe seem more complex than the article/research conveys at a glance. For example, I find "#2: Show Gratitude" a little vexing. Sometimes I find myself saying "thank you" in everyday work/collaboration contexts but then feel like it comes across as insincere because, after all, we often do things because work requires it. But is seems this feeling is at odds with research that shows that "thank you" matters. Interesting! On the other hand, I love #8. What do you think?
|By: Brian Hughes|1308 Reads