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Dec 17 2016 - 03:07 PM
AI Strikes Again
So, just when you thought the creative careers were safe from the onslaught of automation via artificial intelligence, along comes Logojoy where you can create a logo in minutes, perhaps not one as good as if done by a great designer, but likely as good as lower end designers. For a more complete discussion of the process see this blog post. For an example of an AI logo versus one done by a design firm, see this article contrasting the two products. Whether such AI created products will be acceptable depends on the sensibilities of the clients. It seems likely that those with more refined tastes will tend to prefer the more unique products of designers over the AI versions. However, as the AI improves over time, humans will need to take additional steps to highlight their unique qualities. Of course, this is not restricted to designers. Educators, including professors, will be pressed to define and accentuate the unique qualities they bring to the educational experience if they are to stand out from the increasing numbers of automated learning options. Now if only someone would create Chairjoy so I could prototype some chairs!
Posted in: Media DesignProject Idea|By: Gary Natriello|993 Reads