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Aug 12 2016 - 03:51 PM
Mixed Reality - A Learning Theater Platform?
In an article on Mixed Reality Leslie D'Monte discusses how Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can come together to create Mixed Reality (MR), an environment with layers of information brought together to create unique (learning) experiences. He suggests that this combination can become a new computing platform. If we consider the Learning Theater environment, then we can add Physical Reality (PR) as we learn to shape and re-shape the physical environment in the service of a multi-layered experience. There would seem to be multiple dimensions along which a mixed reality system could have an impact on the learning environment. First, there is the experience mix itself as different layers of information are blended to heighten learning. Second, a mixed reality system would provide an expanded design environment with multiple levels of elements that could be organized in concert in advance of any use. Third, an MR platform would provide a more flexible interactive experience. For example, instead of locating physical control surfaces at various locations throughout the space (our current approach), imagine the capacity to project a control surface anywhere so that it can respond to the gestures of teachers or students. What would you do with a Mixed Reality platform in the Learning Theater?
Posted in: TechnologyProject Idea|By: Gary Natriello|2396 Reads