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Jul 21 2016 - 03:48pm
Time for Producers, Designers and Developers to Get Off The High Horse
5 key takeaways from the journalism and entrepreneurship conference at CUNY. Many people say the internet and digital media has destroyed journalism, but I say it has humbled it. I recently attended a conference on journalism and entrepreneurship at the CUNY School of Journalism, and I want to share some key takeaways that can be adopted by us as publishers, designers and developers. 1. LEARN WHERE YOU AUDIENCE IS AND REACH THEM THERE- It is not the audience’s job to find your publication or 'life- saving' app. It Is your job to reach your audience where they are, so that means if they are on a Facebook group having a discussion, meet them in those groups. It means doing research and really learning about the audience, but in the end it pays off. 2. CLICKS DO NOT EQUAL LOYAL AUDIENCES/ USERS- In the digital media and data space we find ourselves reducing people to clicks and numbers, but an audience is so much more than that. They are not simply meant to consume what you give them, (going with the food analogy) they are people with taste, cravings, and sometimes allergies, and we should design, develop and publish around that understanding. 3. REALITY IS NOT IN YOUR CONFERENCE ROOM- Finding opportunities to engage with audiences in person is priceless. Never leaving the Edlab or research space to engage in what is actually happening on the ground can leave you out of touch with reality and your audience’s needs. Time for a publishing field trip? 4. HUMILITY IS KEY TO ENGAGEMENT- As producers, behaving like the smartest person in the room does little to engage. Listening to audience concerns and inviting them to become a part of the production process is key to developing anything effective. This does not mean allowing them to become the editors of every piece we do, but hearing from them can often bring better ideas, pitches and angels for pieces. 5. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN- We have great ideas, wonderful angles and fascinating pitches, so why is no one interested? Are we not giving them what they need? We can never learn the answers to these questions if we do not listen. I also tend to tweet a lot at the events I go to: @jennyabamu
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