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Jun 16 2016 - 01:21 PM
Shared Checklists
As part of managing Learning Theater events, I expect we will use checklists. Checklists are critical for accomplishing complex tasks efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy. But of course there are bad and good checklists. Ideally, we'd be able to not only manage personal checklists (which I rely on every day!), but shared checklists with the ability to share tasks and accurately communicate about who completed a task and when. Redbooth is an example of an online software solution that allows for this. But Redbooth isn't optimized to create the same checklist over and over (or is it? maybe I just haven't figured it out yet). Does anyone know of a software that does allow this? Ideally the checklist would be: - mobile-friendly - generate reports on the fly (for event managers to efficiently confirm what's been done and not done) - allow everyone who is on the staff side of an event with the correct access to tasks (e.g., with sections for different types of technical work) - optional: integrated slack-like chat channels. it seems to me that slack could also just be used in conjunction with such a software. So... is such a perfect checklist tool out there?
|By: Brian Hughes|920 Reads