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Apr 25 2016 - 08:58pm
TC Historical Portraits
Hello Edlab'ers! If you've been down on the three floor in the last few weeks you might have noticed some historical oil paintings hanging around. These ten paintings are part of the restored TC Historical Portraitures collection. For the last few weeks I have been gathering research, stories and documents about each painting with the help of the amazing Jennifer Govan and Pocketknowledge. We have uncovered a lot of interesting facts about each person depicted in their portrait and the artist who created the painting. Each teacher, dean, administrator and president have contributed to TC during their time here. As I continue with research I would like to began making connection to what current teachers and students are do in the fields of education that are relevant to the person in the portrait. I’m looking for what's currently happening in the following fields: • Edward Thorndike, Professor of Comparative Psychology, influenced the method and practice in elementary and secondary education • William Heard Kilpatrick, Professor of Education, proponent of progressive education, advocating project-based learning, curriculum learning, and whole child education • Lyman Bryson, work in educational radio and television programs for CBS • William Fletcher Russell, Dean of Teachers College 1927-1949, President of Teachers College 1949, dean of the College of Education • William Chandler Bagley, Professor of Education, opponent of pragmatism and progressive education • George Strayer, professor of education, educational administration • John Fischer, Dean of Teachers College, 1959-1962, President of Teachers College, 1962, A former elementary school teacher, guidance counselor and vice principal • Lucetta Daniell, Welfare Director of Teachers College • Hollis Leland Caswell, Dean of Teachers College 1949-1954, President of teachers College 1954-1962, Professor of department of curriculum and teaching • Florence Nightingale, pioneer of modern nursing and a noted humanitarian. Check out our TC Historical Portrait Rhizr
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