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Apr 04 2016 - 11:58pm
Gamification in Education
There is a plethora of games in this world and all have ways of teaching scenarios and solutions. However, when it comes to games for social change, there tends to be a huge miscommunication. Gaming Revolution for International Development (GRID), uses games to motivate behavior change, improve health and education, and fight social issues such as discrimination and oppression. They note that the attention and reactions coming from playing games should differ from the real issue. This article notes that "games leave an impression on our brains that transcends the boundaries of the virtual world...if games about guns can promote violence, can games about books promote education?" Games can bring a new and improved way of even spreading awareness. This way is more efficient than bringing materials to countries that are not prone to problem solving and starting new customs.
|By: Youssef Ballo|991 Reads