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Mar 21 2007 - 03:19 PM
Social Networking Site Put To Good Use
I know there has been lots of discussion about social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, mainly because of privacy reasons, however, an article in the New York Times today highlights another feature of sites like this; the ability for high school seniors that already know where they will be attending in the fall to meet with students in their class online before they meet in person at orientation (read the article here). In the article, a high school senior is highlighted. The senior, Monique Yin, set up a group for NYU freshman entering this fall on Facebook. She set up the group after receiving early admission into the school last November and now the group has some 600 members. Socializing, as we all know, is sometimes awkward those first few days (or even weeks) at college, and sites like Facebook offer a way for students to feel more comfortable, allowing them to not feel so lonely initially because they'll already have a group of friends that they met on facebook. (read more) However, the article also states that not all students find this feature beneficial. One student feels that the facebook groups are trivial, and just a place for students to talk about partying, among other things.
|By: Linnea Westerberg|22343 Reads