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Jul 13 2015 - 08:46 PM
Dealing With Work Stress
I am currently taking an online course on family business and management. As I expected, one of the major issues revolves around stress and how best to cope with it, especially when dealing with family members in the workplace. Stress in the workplace is practically inevitable throughout one’s whole working career. From time to time, we will all experience extreme amount of stress at work. Too much stress can significantly impact work rate, performance, quality of work and even career path. With the average workweek now around 47 hours, workers will encounter more stress. To deal with stress, first, people must be aware of what triggers their stress. Determining what causes the stress can significantly aid in a solution. It is important to pick and choose which stress is worth dealing with. After identifying stress triggers, here are tips on how to deal with it:
  • Any form of exercising whether it be walking, standing or stretching can reduce stress.
  • Connecting with other people in the workplace, taking lunch break together and having conversations reduces stress as well.
  • Food choice plays a role in stress level so it is important to pick and choose what to eat. Eating healthy foods is advised.
|By: Jeffrey Hado|761 Reads