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Jun 20 2015 - 11:29 AM
Software is Eating everything
Think about that for a second! Marc Andreesen had written a pretty amazing article a while back, with exactly the same title. His clairvoyance has been almost eery. Here are some facts (that most people are probably already familiar with): - Uber is the world’s largest taxi company but owns no cars - Airbnb is the largest real estate company but owns no properties - Facebook is the largest media company but owns no content Fact: All of these are software companies. A Taxi or a real estate business is as brick-and-mortar as it gets. The fact that, software companies are eating the lunch of more traditional companies is proof enough that more and more companies are disrupting via software. Here are a few more examples: - Google is entering the insurance business - The financial industry is seeing quite a lot of disruption with Apple Pay, Square and Bitcoin - The health care industry is seeing a whole lot of disruption with the Apple watch and a bunch of other wearable computing devices What does this mean for traditional businesses? The lines between software and more traditional business-y stuff is blurring. Your software engineers are your business folks. Not just software engineers. If software is the tool you are using to disrupt an industry then the engineers are the ones engineering that vision.
|By: Santosh Kumar|955 Reads