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Mar 19 2007 - 10:07 PM
Nuclear Fusion, An EdLab Summer Intern Project?
This summer Jeff Frank will be leading an internship program for three NYC public high school students. Participants will propose, design, and undertake their own program of study. I wonder if any of them will be as ambitous as Thiago Olson, a high school senior in Michigan who achieved nuclear fusion in his basement. Robert Bussard, a nuclear physicist, had this to say about Thiago's project: “These kids are studying much more useful physics than what the country is spending billions on. It causes them to think. They're not going down the mainstream path to oblivion." What an indictment of physics education and the U.S. system of schooling.
Posted in: FYIEducation|By: Hui Soo Chae|25801 Reads