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Jun 08 2015 - 09:19pm
We Are All Benefactors
Through my research and blog posts on the dismal state of the arts in our education system, it has become increasingly apparent we are benefit in some way from arts education. Most of today’s current consumer and tech driven economy is shaped in various ways by creative force of the arts. The arts help increase employment rates by raising high school graduation rates. Last year, high school graduates unemployment rate was 3.5 percent lower than those without diplomas. When introduced to arts education, students of all backgrounds are more likely to graduate. Low-income students who are very involved in the arts are also more likely to graduate from college than their peers with no arts education. Arts education driver creativity, innovation and collaboration, skills deemed essential for tomorrow’s jobs. This Vialogue sheds more light on the pivotal role arts plays in our society.
Posted in: Education|By: Carmel Addae|1261 Reads