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Jun 04 2015 - 11:54 AM
Using Machines for Digitization
I found this super cool video that I have pitched as a Vialogue, and I wanted to share it! Digitization is an extremely time-consuming process. Large institutions need to devote years or even decades in order to digitize their enormous collections. The Smithsonian found a way to speed up this process: by using machines! For everything to be digitized within the Smithsonian through the slow method of individually digitizing each item, it would take somewhere close to 11,000 years to digitize each of the 138 million objects! The Smithsonian is currently digitizing a collection of about 60,000 items, which they estimate can be completed within 3-4 months using this machine rather than the 20 years it would normally take using the old fashioned way. The machine is even sensitive to fragile items and has sensors to keep them from falling from the conveyor belt. Can the conveyor-belt digitization method revolutionize the process for other institutions? I am imagining digital access to materials across the pond that would normally require a research grant to see.
Posted in: LibraryWork Progress|By: Christina Terracino|985 Reads