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May 25 2015 - 05:00pm
Hope for Arts Education
The decline of arts programs in our nation’s schools is becoming something of a cliché. The increased interest in STEM has relegated arts and other creative subjects out of the school curriculum. Since experts agree that arts education plays a major role in one’s education journey, community groups and non-profits are picking up the slack to educate our nation’s students about the arts. One such organization is the Side Street Projects. The group has partnered with school districts in California to strengthen its arts programs. K-12 students in California are required to have access to some sort of arts education. However, this is often not the case for reasons aforementioned. Side Street Projects helps students with woodworking and other related art skills courses. The program is a mobile organization that encourages students to be on their feet and work on their creations. It also helps teach student safety skills and has enrolls about 3,000 students a year. How can we reignite interest in arts education in our schools?
Posted in: Education|By: Carmel Addae|1243 Reads