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Apr 03 2015 - 07:40am
Javascript: Your Next Lingua Franca?
Thinking about spending your time learning French, Italian or Chinese? The world may not be running on these languages in the near future but rather a 0 and 1. Javascript, the language created over a period of 10 days as a "hobby" script for designers and internet enthusiasts in 1995, may be the next best new language to learn (and the best thing is easier than French!). Even President Obama had coded in Javascript Will Javascript help with diplomatic endeavors? Probably not. But Javascript can be your shortest route to leveraging the power of the Internet and harnessing the digital value of today's data and manipulate it to your own will. As of today, it is very unlikely that one (especially of our generation and after) can live by a day without Javascript. All modern browsers run it. The servers run it. Mobile apps were made with it. Even a microcontroller is running it. Soon you may be even flipping the light on at home, turn on an air conditioner, water your plant or feed your cats with it! Here is a pie chart showing the 100 most popular languages on Github: Listen to this SXSW talk by the author of Program or Be Programmed, Douglas Rushkoff in which he argues why you may become a helpless and clueless citizen very soon as technology is blending into our life's fabric and making choices for you. (We have this book in our library). Coding, or at least the logic of doing it, is no longer a niche activity for programmers only. There are tons of online resources out there that can quickly get you started without consulting a single book. The Internet ecosystem is a marketplace without prejudices and bureaucracy, and it allows anyone with the will to hack to thrive. Alan Turing (1912 - 1954), yes the mathematician Benedict Cumberbatch played in the Imitation Game, had imagined a future where "ladies are walking in the park, one saying to another 'this morning this computer in my palm said something very weird to me...' " (This was at the time when there was no such thing as the giant computing machines before he pioneered one). It is scary how the future was foreseen. Try it when you have time, just because President Obama has.
Posted in: Technology|By: Panisuan Chasinga|1691 Reads