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Mar 20 2015 - 08:55 PM
Getting Fired
A couple of days back I stumbled upon Zach Holman's awesome post on his departure from Github. I think he really nails it and pushes us to confront our touchiness on this subject. What's the big deal with getting fired? Everyone has been through that at some point and yet no one likes to talk about it. Obviously this is due to the fact that the feeling (quite rightly) is that no one will hire you. And I'm calling BS on that prejudice. I'm with Zach -- we as a society need to move beyond these outdated GE/IBM-era prejudices and accept that there could be situations where for some reason people just don't get along and this doesn't reflect badly on the employee that has to leave. It's just that they didn't get along. Here is one thing that we could do without: - Reference checks: This forces people to lie or put up with bad behavior. We need a better way to do whatever the reference check claims to be doing (startup idea?).
|By: Santosh Kumar|964 Reads