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Jan 21 2015 - 03:32pm
Artful Concealment
Things change. King Ashoka converted to Buddhism after witnessing mass death by the army he commanded at the Kalinga War. After years of supporting the policies of No Child Left Behind, Diane Ravitch grew disillusioned and became a vocal critic. Room 105 of Russell Hall used to be beloved glass case by the library front desk where patrons would go to scan their documents. Now, it houses the productivity powerhouse that is the Gottesman Libraries digitizing team. The sheer intensity of work taking place in room 105 now calls for some shielding from public view. Not only to conceal the disarray of paper and books, but also to protect patrons from the guaranteed embarrassment of judging their own work in light of the comparatively superior and more efficient work happening inside 105. So Min and I dressed the windows of 105 with a beautiful pattern. It's artful concealment. Check it out. **Bonus points for those who guess the concept behind the shapes. It pertains to "the future of libraries" theme.**
|By: Gonzalo Obelleiro|1702 Reads