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Jan 05 2015 - 10:47pm
Catholic Colleges
The rising costs of college means students are taking on more loans to finance their education. This is especially troubling when students have a hard time landing a job after graduation. Some schools help reduce students loan by providing grants and scholarships to qualified students. The government has created programs like EOP to help students from low-income families. Some religious organizations also help students from poor families by giving them grants. The story is very different for catholic colleges. They provide financial aid to students from high-income families. Catholic Colleges are also one of the most expensive colleges in America. They provide better financial aid to high-income students in order to convince them to come to the college. Religious institutions are there to help the poor and give equal opportunities to everyone but the catholic colleges are different. This is not true for every catholic college. There are some that provide financial aid to students from poor background.
|By: Henry Adjei|1165 Reads