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Mar 09 2007 - 03:37am
NED #1
The first paper on the NED project has been completed! If you are interested, download the Word doc. One interesting bit about co-authoring this paper was using Google Docs to write it concurrently with Matthew and Hui Soo. I've used Google Docs for stand-alone writing, but never used the concurrence capabilities. Some cool things about Google Docs for co-writing include: - Fairly good concurrence capabilities. We didn't seem to loose any work because of overwrites, etc. - The feature which displays who is also working on the document alongside you - The interface is generally easy to use Problems: - The table mechanism needs some work - The Word export mangled the tables terribly, and the formatting was pretty weird - Occasional formating hangups (a word won't turn italic no matter how many times you hit Ctrl-I) The Web browser as application-host has a lot of potential, especially for the concurrence capabilities, but I think it could use more work on the bread and potatoes features (e.g., single user word processing features).
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