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Jul 17 2014 - 10:52 PM
Vialogues' Interactive Feature Prototype
This is a screenshot of the D3 interactive streamgraph of Vialogues 6973, a long (>20 min) video named “anthro of YouTube” with 116 total comments. Please feel free to play with the interactive version of prototype here. It is a visual illustration of concept flows of a discussion for its corresponding video, as it shows the change and switch of discussion concepts along with the video time stream. Only because of Vialogues timestamp function, we are able to trace the discussion back to that particular portion of the video. Each categorical color shows one keyword, so that the stream of this color is the stream of this concept. For instance, red represents YouTube in this example, we know that at the beginning and the 3/4s of the video, this concept appears more than the very end of the video. Y-axis shows the frequency of matched content keywords from comments. The X-axis represents video timestamp which is normalized into 20 bins. Instead of modeling comments by their absolute creation time, we only care about the comment's timestamp. For instance, for a 20 minute video, timestamp 1.2 belongs to the 2nd bin while for a 10 minutes video, timestamp 1.2 belongs to the 3rd bin. With this interactive website, once mouse over an area of interest, a white horizontal line points to time and the word along with its frequency at this corresponding time will appear. Future works: The topic modeling algorithm and word mapping technique can be improved. In addition, the aesthetic quality variance is huge. When I prototype a few videos with less comments, the streamgraph doesn't show much information. How to figure out at which point a prototype view is worth showing up? Product Prototype Ideas and advices credit to Dr. Sharon Hsiao.
Posted in: Research|By: Yang Yang|1538 Reads