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Jul 08 2014 - 09:31pm
Designing Interactions Beyond Desktop and Mobile
Professor Daniel Fallman is giving a talk tomorrow called "Designing Interactions Beyond Desktop and Mobile." He's done some neat work in HCI, and it should have some good ideas (particularly around methodology) for our work. Details and abstract are below. When: 1:30pm, Wednesday, July 9, 2014 Where: 620 Schapiro CEPSR, Columbia University Host: Columbia Vision and Graphics Center Abstract The next great frontier in Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is the move beyond the screens of our laptops, tablets, and mobile phones out into the environment; that is, to blend interaction, information, and data with the activities and experiences that users have "in the wild". Over the last decade, my research group has been involved in a large number of such projects in areas as diverse as highly automated manufacturing and process industries; extreme sports environments including downhill mountain biking and climbing; as well as various kinds of public installations and interactive experiences. In this seminar, I will present a number of these projects and discuss them in relation to current HCI research, focusing primarily on issues such as involvement, engagement, and user experience. I will also discuss four perspectives that we believe are important in conducting this kind exploratory research: first, a methodological approach for dealing and coping with the complexities of what I call 'third wave HCI"; second, the role of strong concepts as a driving force behind our work; third, a purpose-based model intended to shed light on how we can think about and discuss the quality of our activities and resulting designs; and fourth, an ideal-driven, theoretical stance as an example of how a high-level, guiding design principle can be established. Bio Daniel Fallman, Ph.D., is a Full Professor of HCI in the Department of Informatics at Umea University, Sweden, and Chairman of the Senior Research Group at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in Stockholm, Sweden. Fallman has more than 10 years experience in building up and leading high-performing creative teams in between academia and industry, combining deep technology skills with design thinking, methods, and skills. His own research interests are in the confluence of Computer Science, HCI, and Design and include new interaction technologies and interaction styles; sketching techniques for interaction designers; heavy phenomenological concepts such as embodiment, involvement, and meaning; and digital innovation and entrepreneurship. He has published over 60 academic articles in leading international journals and conferences. In 2010, Fallman was named one of 18 Future Research Leaders in Sweden by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.
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