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Jun 05 2014 - 03:52 PM
Strike the Balance Between Customization and Easiness-to-Use
While searching for a proper visualization to illustrate an example in research finding, I came across a new application, Lyra, by UW Interactive Data Lab. Speaker Arvind Satyanarayan's introduction of Lyra reveals an observation that there are two extremes in the data visualization world. The easy-to-use data visualization tools, such as Excel and Tableau, don't function well for customization, while powerful flexible data visualization tools, e.g. D3, requires some programming knowledge. In this video, Arvind illustrated the recreation of William Playfair's classic data visualization using Lyra. Inspired by his demo, I tried to create something for my research dataset on Lyra. So far, it doesn't work. The interface of Lyra is drastically different from any tools I have used. I am not sure if it is easier/faster to learn some existing programming language or become familiar with Lyra. It might not be the same case considering everyone's current knowledge. I guess a written manual would be a helpful supplement to the video demo.
Posted in: TechnologyProject Idea|By: Yang Yang|1216 Reads