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Nov 03 2013 - 11:42 PM
Language Takes Dedication
Learning a new language is not easy and it is something most people usually have some struggles before gaining fluency in that language. It either usually comes relatively easy or takes time depending on the individual. Learning a language also might depend on circumstance and need. The most usual is when people must learn a new language to live or work in a new country. For example, when I moved to Italy from Ghana, I had to learn Italian in order to learn in school and communicate with classmates because not that many people spoke English. It wasn't difficult because I was young and I had really helpful teachers who spent countless hours tutoring me after school. It took a lot of dedication on my part as well because even if you live there and have all the necessary resources, it can still be very difficult if you not dedicated.
|By: Reindorf Kyei|719 Reads