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Sep 26 2013 - 09:42 AM
How is Your Code Doing ?
Majority of software projects does performance analysis at the final stage , when we have the application ready. Developers and managers tend to forget that performance should be taken as a feature development and not as an end result. Even at the end, we mostly focus on how application as whole is doing and troubleshooting measures might not even involve any code changes. I have experienced that even code changes could improve the performance of application in multiple folds . This blog is specific to performance analysis of Python code. There are various python as well as linux packages available to check the performance of your code . Here are couple of them which I found useful . Linux utilities : 1. Perf - Usage : perf stat python output : Performance counter stats for 'python': 9.526617 task-clock # 0.957 CPUs utilized 2 context-switches # 0.210 K/sec 0 CPU-migrations # 0.000 K/sec 988 page-faults # 0.104 M/sec cycles stalled-cycles-frontend stalled-cycles-backend instructions branches branch-misses 0.009957910 seconds time elapsed 2. time - Usage: $ time python output: real 0m1.028s user 0m0.001s sys 0m0.003s real - Total time taken by your program to run ( start to finish) user- The amount of CPU time spent in user-mode code (outside the kernel) within the process . sys- refers to the amount of cpu time spent inside kernel specific functions Python Utilities: 1. line_profiler - It is used for line by line profiling the python code. 2. memory_profiler - Profiles Memory consumption of a process . 3. objgraph - Figure out the memory leaks in your program
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