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2 days ago
According to this article Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive, Apple and Google are the most productive companies not because they have the best talents. Instead it is because they have three secret weapons:1. Let the most talented people work together.2. Shield their employees from institutional/organizational drags.
3 days ago
For over a decade I have been arguing that our efforts to advance the programs of the library should be focused less on the middle range of services and more on the extremes.  Initially, I argued that we ought to be investing in high tech services and high touch services instead of more customary or ordinary mid-level services.  The point of the argument is that patrons can get mid-level knowledge ser...
This week the Design Team hosted an afternoon with the Cultural Technology Development Lab
I found this video about mapping the human brain interesting and I saw some similarities with the role playing activities we have been doing during the Development and Research presentations. Here we have a professor and innovator of neuro-science describing the research into "Connectomics" to people ranging from a 5 year old boy to a neuro-science Ph. D. student and an entrepreneur. It is interesting to see not only th...
7 days ago
Here is a very interesting, newly launched online journal Distill on machine learning research. Unlike other academic journals that provide mostly and only static knowledge in texts, figures and/or visualizations, articles in this online journal aim to
As we continue to evolve our work processes and the services we offer to the College community, we might want to consider the 5 day Design Sprint process developed by GV.  The process brings together key team members and clients to produce and test a prototype solution.  The GV sprint page provides a number of useful resources for planning a sprint and 
8 days ago
As we are re-designing the Vialogues application in order to improve its effectiveness in supporting educational dialogues, the following research is particularly relevant:C. Clark, N. Strudler, and K. Grove (2015). Comparing Asynchronous and Synchronous Video vs. Text Based Discussions in an Online Teacher Education Course. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Network, Vol. 19, Issue 3.In this research, the authors compared a text-based ...
12 days ago
For the past few years various agencies have been reporting on the rise in print book sales and the drop in e-book sales. According to a recent Nielsen survey the increase in print book sales was due to "children's fiction and... younger generations preferring physical books to e-readers." Will this trend persist? Will...
15 days ago
After years of deciphering text and checking buttons to deny robot status, there is finally a more elegant solution to defending against robot invasions of websites.  Google has announced invisible reCAPTCHA which separates robots from humans by analyzing browsing behavior.  Check out the video explanation: 
We have an (informal/not-so-strict) agile process in place right now in our design and development sprints. As we start on our Vialogues project, this is a good time to refine and define this process. The following articles might give us some ideas on this space and how we might be able to use them.Google's popular Product Design SprintFor starters, this is a detailed handbook of steps to work the six stages, according to Google, which are 'Understand', 'Define', 'Diverge', 'Decide', ...