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Sabarish Raghupathy

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Sabarish is an avid user interface developer and user experience designer. He has a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan, School of Information (Ann Arbor, MI) and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (Bangalore, India).

Sabarish has a unique mix of user experience and interaction design skills along with extensive software development experience. He has worked on a diverse set of technologies, including web, mobile, tablet, PC, smart cars, wearables and internet of things, across various domains, including healthcare, education and consumer electronics.

He joins Edlab at Teachers College after a two year stint at Empirical, a UX research and design agency in Portland, OR, where he did interaction design, prototyping and web development. Before Empirical, Sabarish interned for New York University, University of Michigan and Dell.

Prior to the above UX focus of his career, Sabarish worked as a Software Development Engineer in the healthcare services sector for over six years developing web applications for Dell, Inc.

Sabarish grew up in India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore. He moved to New York after stints in Portland, Ann Arbor, Austin and Dallas. During his free time, Sabarish likes to go out and explore the city, check out local activities and places for good food, drinks and music. Apart from a love for his wife, design, coding and all things tech, he is passionate about traveling and photography.