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Gonzalo Obelleiro

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Gonzalo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina exactly one month after that country's soccer team won the World Cup as hosts in 1978. Thirteen years after that he started spending all his free time playing drums (eventually driving his own sister to therapy - sorry Maychu!). After high school he attended University of Buenos Aires to study first physics, then architecture, and finally graphic design.

He stayed with design as a profession for three years and even started his own design firm "Pensa" with a friend/colleague from UBA, but in 2001 put all of that on stand-by to attend the first graduating class of Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California. At Soka, Gonzalo improved his English and learned some Japanese, made some of the best friends of his life, and discovered his passion for philosophy and a commitment for education as means for social change. He graduated with honors in 2005 with a BA in Liberal Arts and a concentration in humanities and came to Teachers College.

Gonzalo holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Education from Columbia University. His philosophical research focuses on cosmopolitanism and theories of value and value creation in education. His work at EdLab has allowed him to combine his academic interests in educational theory and his passion for graphic design, and engage in experimental projects to integrate education, aesthetics, technology and design.