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Joann Agnitti

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As someone who has always loved learning (but not school), Joann is excited to be in the midst of a learner-centered educational revolution. She received her Ed.M. in Counseling Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University and has Bachelor's degrees from Ithaca College in both Psychology and Italian Studies.

Joann is a product manager within the Development and Research team. She enjoys talking to users about their experiences with EdLab products, specifically Vialogues. Much to her enjoyment, she has been able to marry her love of music with work via the vibrant Rock and Roll Forever Curriculum grant project. She is also one of the few leading up the recruiting charge so if you want a job at EdLab, you should be nice to her. Tip: Any wine will do. (Kidding!! Seriously, send nothing but your awesome apps and she will be over the moon.)

Here’s a fun fact: Joann is constantly mixing metaphors and making up words but slides them into conversations so effortlessly you won’t even notice. Subversequently, neither will she.