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Megha Agarwala

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Member for: 6 years 26 weeks

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Megha completed her Masters in Computer Science from University of California Irvine. In Edlab, she spearheads product development including product design, coding, user acquisition strategy, product research and leading product demos at conferences.

Current Projects:

Product manager: ResearchBroker - an online tool that connects researchers with real world research projects at companies and organizations.

Check out an upcoming demo of this project at CSCW 2013, scheduled from Feb 23 to Feb 27, 2013.

Web Developer: YoungArts - Inspired by the HBO series Master Class, YoungArts integrates Arts into classroom instruction to teach students about creativity, innovation and what it means to pursue their passions.

Web developer: Understanding Fiscal Responsibility - A project to educate students on Federal Budget, National Debt, and Budget Deficit.

Megha's interests include: educational technologies, product management, data science and social networks.

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