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Hui Soo Chae

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Hui Soo Chae is Director of Research and Development for the EdLab and the Gottesman Libraries. In that capacity he leads the software development, product development, consulting, publishing and collections initiatives. Dr. Chae has led the development of a number of learning applications, including the Vialogues (www.vialogues.com) video discussion tool. His publishing initiatives have included development of the mobile publishing platform for the New Learning Times (www.newlearningtimes.com).

He has also pioneered an accelerated model to speed the delivery of educational consulting services to diverse clients, including HBO, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Peterson Foundation, and the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation. These engagements have resulted in widely regarded online curriculum resource collections in areas as diverse as democracy (Teaching the Levees) and fiscal responsibility (Understanding Fiscal Responsibility).

Dr. Chae’s research has focused on the examination of the educational experiences of minority youth using critical theory, the creation of in-school and out-of-school learning opportunities, and the development of online venues for learning. He is the co-editor of a forthcoming special issue of the Teachers College Record on adaptive learning technologies.

Dr. Chae holds an A.B. degree in Public Policy and an M.A.T. from Brown University and an Ed.D. from Teachers College.