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Submitted by Alseny Barry on Tue, 2015-12-01 00:16

America is one of the highest migrated countries in the world. Many people admire the USA as a place for opportunities and success. When immigrants arrive in the United States, they often face many challenges such as adapting to the new environment and mastering English. For those of school age or who want to continue their education, one of the biggest challenges is adjusting to the education system and acquiring jobs.

Submitted by Malik Muftau on Sun, 2015-11-29 21:07

The increase in the mediums to which individuals can express their views doesn't seem enough for some young adults who still struggle to do so. Freedom of speech might be a right enshrined in the constitution but it takes a lot of courage for young people to express their deepest feelings or emotions, especially on hot button and controversial issues.

Submitted by Brian Hughes on Fri, 2015-11-27 07:57


Submitted by Hui Soo Chae on Thu, 2015-11-26 02:13

Check out this interview with Sari Feldman, president of the American Library Association.

Some highlights:

The place, the actual library space, is undergoing a transformation because there's so much more collaborative activity and making.

...the projects, the platform of what's happening, and libraries are not only gaining digital content from outside vendors, but they're creating digital content.

Submitted by Jihii Jolly on Wed, 2015-11-25 18:27

As we take a break from our commutes for a few days, Episode 2 of An Audience of One is ready for your Monday morning return to the train. Is a train compartment a community?

Submitted by Alseny Barry on Wed, 2015-11-25 00:02

The seemingly endless increase in college tuition continues to be of grave concern for many current and prospective college students. The issue has reached a crisis point for some that several weeks ago, college students from all over the country staged protests they dubbed the "Million Student March." Their demands were simple: free tuition, $15 minimum wage and no debt.

Submitted by Sabarish Raghupathy on Tue, 2015-11-24 11:24

You can lead a horse to water (but you can't make it drink the water!). Similarly, it is easy to create new learning technologies, but it is hard to make someone use it and learn from it. Google Design published an article on how they are trying to make learning easier by designing the product right and with the user in mind.


'Primer' is a new(ish) mobile app that helps people learn digital marketing concepts in five minutes or less.

Submitted by Youssef Ballo on Mon, 2015-11-23 09:12

Artificially intelligent software is slowly changing textbooks and redesigning the education system. ALEKS wasn't originally designed to recover the fortunes of the textbook industry. Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is a leader of assessment and learning tools. It was developed by a team of cognitive scientists and software engineers. This software was meant to clarify and test a specific mathematical theory of how knowledge is constructed and how it can be described.

Submitted by Dino Sossi on Mon, 2015-11-23 09:06

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are away!

Please watch a video on Stephen Colbert as a source for young people’s news. This was from a previous D&R on EdPop! FYI, it was shot during the evening of the premiere episode.



P.S. As a special incentive, for those who are into politics, there is a quick shot of a certain well-known politician. See if you can pick him out!

Submitted by Joann Agnitti on Sun, 2015-11-22 21:10

Brian and I have recently returned from the fabled city of San Francisco where we attended the Service Experience Conference.

I tried to take copious notes throughout each of the talks but the emcee, Jamin Hegeman (design director of Adaptive Path, the company sponsoring the event), mercifully summarized each one for us — in one line! — at the end of the conference.

I’ll add those summaries here with some personal commentary, but that wasn’t even the most interesting part of my experience there. Stay with me for Part III (or just jump to it. Otherwise it’s going to be a while until you get there).