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Submitted by Gary Natriello on Fri, 2006-10-13 14:20

For the EdLab Seminar on Wednesday, October 18th we will be viewing the film Network as a springboard for a discussion of the dimensions of programs and online sites that work to engage an audience. During the viewing we will be juxtaposing the film on one screen with the top online sites of EdLab members on the other screen. To prepare for this part of the seminar we need everyone to post their top ten online sites in comments in response to this blog entry. See you on Wednesday. Please post your top ten online sites even if you cannot attend the seminar.

Suzanne E. Bonfiglio Says:
Wed, 2006-10-18 09:04

In no particular order, these are the sites I visit most:

Pink is the new blog






LGBT Center



feminist majority foundation

Stephen Asunka Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 15:01

10. 4teachers.org: works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering FREE online tools and resources

9. BBC

8. CNN

7. My bloglines account

6. MERLOT Peer-reviewed online teaching and learning materials

5. Google of course.

4. Ask.com: Just discovered it is as good as google if not better.

3. Wikipedia

2. TC

And my favorite

1. Yahoo!

Linnea Westerberg Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 13:02

Because I need to know what all my friends are up to
9.Perez Hilton
Because I need to know what all the celebrities are up to (admittedly a shameful guilty pleasure)
8.Vogue and W Magazine
Let me preface this by saying I used to study fashion...with the spring 2007 shows having just ended, this site gets lots of hits from me checking out which lines were good (and which were not)
7.Weather Channel
I blame this on my father's fascination with weather...it clearly has rubbed off on me
Because I need to know more than what the "it" color is going to be next season
Again, a guilty pleasure...and I love the fact that it was created by guys not that much older than me (genius, pure genius)
I am on this site endlessly...
3.TC's Historical Art Collection
Because if this wasn't on here, Brian would probably kill me :) (and because I really am on it constantly)
2.TC's Homepage
Cubmail, classweb, etc., etc.
My favorite site to visit is...
I leave this up on my computer 24/7...Email and my calendar in one;I'd be lost without it

Admin Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 13:01

The main site I go for news/knowledge is my Bloglines account, which aggregates everything for me daily from 110 sources of my choosing.

I also read The Wall Street Journal in print on days when I am in a upbeat mood (a hold over from my time in the for-profit sector), and the New York Times in print when I'm feeling indifferent. It usually works out to be Monday, Thursday, Friday WSJ, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday NYT.

I visit work and student related site very frequently as well (TC, Library, TCR, EdLab, PK).

I also use Delicious fairly frequently to bookmark things that can't be readily fed into Bloglines (you can see my feed on my blog).

Samantha Schoeller Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 12:47

10. The LA Times I’m a New Yorker, but for some reason I am addicted to local LA news. It’s odd.

9. I blame the Patriarchy Irreverent and usually spot-on analysis by blogger Twisty.

8. NRP My favorite shows are Kojo Nnamdi, Tavis Smiley, and Democracy Now!

7. echidne of the snakes Great blog by an excellent writer.

6. Flickr I love browsing the photos people take.

5. TC website Mostly Cub Mail and the TCR website.

4. American Experience Good resources for U.S. historians and teachers of U.S. history.

3. Digital History More good resources for social historians and teachers of social history.

2. Cats in Sinks The name says it all. Clearly, an essential website.

My favorite site to visit is...

1. Google All things google, but especially google video, maps, news, and earth.

Anna Beard Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 12:16

The following list contains web sites that I currently frequent and/or used to frequent:

10. ECC Foreign Language Institute

9. Columbia Business School

8. Teachers College

7. Washington Post

6. Daily Candy

5. Yahoo Mail

4. New York Times

3. Cubmail

2. Google

My favorite site to visit is...
1. Gmail

Julia Solomonson Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 12:15

10. The New York Times

9. Gmail Lots of storage space.

8. ebay You can find anything.

7. Amazon I buy a lot of books from here.

6. AOL

5. Teachers College

4. Apple

3. CNET Reviews on technology products, price comparisons, etc.

2. Semester at Sea A study abroad program that I went on.

My favorite site to visit is…

1. Google

Jamison Judd Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 11:52

10. Lifehacker
A blog with tips to make everyday living easier.

9. Engadget
A blog covering new technology and gadgets.

8. The Unofficial Apple Weblog
The unofficial apple weblog highlights new software and provides tips and tricks for working in Mac OS X.

7. The Onion AV Club
Witty and insightful reviews of popular music, television and cinema.

6. Del.icio.us
Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking site. It makes it easy to categorize and tag your bookmarks. Having them available on the web allows for access from any computer.

5. Google Calendar
An online calendar that I can share with my family, easily publish to a website, and sync with iCal on my laptop.

4. Google Docs
A web-based replacement for Microsoft Word and Excel. While I don't use it for any professional publications, I've found it useful for keeping to-do lists and short working documents.

3. GMail
Google mail with lots of storage and great spam filtering. The powerful searching options make it much easier to find archived messages from long ago.

2. Google News
Google news is great because it aggregates news sources from around the world. This not only lets you browse the top stories but lets you read the same news from differently slanted papers as well as international sources.

My favorite site to visit is...
1. Google
Google is set as my homepage. It allows me to view the weather, check stocks, look up definitions and of course search the internet... all from the same page.

Carla Cirilli Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 11:14

10. Gmail I couldn’t live without it.

9. Teachers College Usually checking CubMail or ClassWeb.

8. Amazon So convenient.

7. Craigslist I especially like the New Yorkers’ rants and raves.

6. Last FM A London-based self-proclaimed “social music revolution.â€? You can find some great playlists, personalized radio, and “scrobbling.â€?

5. American Psychological Association Most current news in the psychology world. Always some interesting new study going on.

4. NPR No-nonsense Morning Edition.

3. NY Times Usually go straight for NY Region or Science Times.

2. Virtual Italia A pretty cheesy site aimed at “Italian culture enthusiastsâ€? like me. Interesting news articles about a cartoon pope, Milan Fashion Week 2007, and nutella recipes, all in one place.

1. Google It’s just so easy.

Judith Cramer Says:
Tue, 2006-10-17 04:43

I won't be able to attend the screening because I will be teaching on Wednesday, but I am sending in my favorite sites, per instructions. I am a political blog junkie and consult my favorite (mainly progressive) bloggers several times a day. Some of these I have written about. They are:

10. The Daily Dish
Andrew Sullivan, my favorite conservative blogger. An early adopter of the Weblog form and author of "A Blogger's Manifesto." His blog is now hosted on the Time Magazine site.

9. Talk Left: The Politics of Crime
Talk Left, the blog of criminal defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt, offers insightful commentary on legal matters in politics.

8. Crooks and Liars
Crooks and Liars provides a public service by posting video. Now that there is You Tube, C&L's feeds may be less important, perhaps, but this has been the site where readers could find clips of the major media events of the day.

7. The Next Hurrah
A group blog of highly intelligent, wittily pseudonymous writers who are veterans of Daily Kos (see below). Among my favorites here are Empty Pockets and Meteor Blades.

6. Daily Kos
The famed online community founded by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, himself now often a talking head on the old medium of TV, to represent "the blog phenomenon." Daily Kos has spawned many other sites, such as Whiskey Bar (see below) and has raised tons of money for progressive candidates. Like Josh Marshall, my number one below, Kos is a true online pioneer.

5.Political Animal
Written by California blogger Kevin Drum (formerly Calpundit) for the Washington Monthly magazine. Drum is a totally sane, political centrist with economics and journalism expertise, who is good at dissecting complex issues for the lay reader.

4.Whiskey Bar
The pseudonymous "Billmon," a gifted writer who defies the blog form in long posts larded with literary allusions and quotations. Named in reference to Brecht, his site's motto is "free thinking in a dirty glass." Billmon's specialty is startling juxtapositions of texts. He has won several writing prizes in the annual "Koufax" awards (named for the southpaw pitcher).

3.Raw Story
An alternative news site that often has breaking stories before the Times or WaPo.

2.Huffington Post
A very lively group blog that and news service that has breaking stories.

My favorite site to visit is...
1.Talking Points Memo
The inimitable Joshua Micah Marshall, a true cyberspace pioneer. His spin off sites TPM Cafe and The Daily Muck are also worth a look every day. Marshall was instrumental in bringing down Trent Lott and more recently in organizing opposition to the Bush administration's effort to privatize Social Security. He is also a print journalist, with a PhD. from Brown.

Nabeel Ahmad Says:
Mon, 2006-10-16 10:21

10. onNYturf
Hey you gotta get around, right? NY subway overlaid on Google Maps. Allows me more freedom to choose and see the big picture than HopStop.

9. ClassWeb
Not exactly a great site, but required nonetheless

Also, Blackboard for another class I'm taking.

8. YouTube and Google Video
Nice entertainment value

7. EdLab sites
Use these when at work for info, troubleshooting, creation, etc.

6. Online banking and credit card accounts
Have to keep track of the "mystery charges" that keep showing up

5. CNN frontpage and NYTimes National
Keeps me updated with world and national news. I don't actually go to these, but my RSS reader does!

4. NYTimes Technology and USAToday Tech News
Keeps me in tune with the geek world, via RSS reader of course!

3. Columbia Spectator
Campus news is important, too.

2. Google
Who doesn't use it?

1. Overheard in New York
Now this is some funny stuff. Sister site Overheard in the Office isn't bad either. Overheard at the Beach isn't that great, but another sister site.

Jeff Frank Says:
Mon, 2006-10-16 09:18

10. This American Life
I rarely go online for fun. This is the one site–other than shopping sites–my fiancé and I visit at home.
9. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
It is a good resource. I almost always find something in the reference section of these articles.
8. Academy of American Poets
Breaking news in the poetry world as well as a good collection of resources.
7. New York Review of Books
Free subscription through CU to this tremendous collection.
6. New York Magazine
Gossip, wedding advice and general guide to middle-brow culture in the city.
5. Arts and Letters Daily
I appreciate the editorial hand on this site. Brings together a number of great articles every day.
4. New York Times
I am really into the videos. As a bonus, it has a decent sports page and tremendous coverage of Education.
3. EdLab
I visit these sites (TCRecord, Library Homepage, etc) multiple times throughout the day.
2. Google
This is a staple. I use it countless times during the day.

My favorite site to visit is...

1. Amazon
This site has dramatically increased my quality of life. I can get any book imaginable–new, used, out of print–delivered to my door. As a Prime member, I get free two-day shipping on everything.

Dennis Stevens Says:
Sun, 2006-10-15 21:25

The interesting thing about these lists is that you really get inside someone's mind; quite similar to getting a peek at the play list on their iPod.

OK. Here's my top 10 online sites:

10. Redefining Craft

Quite naturally, I have to plug my own blogsite.

9. Curbed

I have a slight facination with the NY real estate market.

8. Pandora

This is where I find new music and listen to the stuff that I already know that I like.

7. My Daughter's Photo Blog

I have been posting new images of my daughter every Sunday since she was about four months old. Things have slowed a bit since I have been in NYC but my sister-in-law has been pretty diligent in keeping up the site in my absence.

6. Gawker

I read it for the snark and pith. I also really like to read the comments in Gawker Stalker, which features a smooth little Google map API of celebrity sightings.

5. Mashable

This site follows Web 2.0 startups. I find it useful in trying to stay on top of what is happening.

4. SFGate

I read this for the news and the features, I am particularly fond of the writings of Mark Morford, the flash-based cartoon animations of Mark Foire and for laughs I sometimes enjoy reading the comments in the Daily Dish.

3. CNN

Just news. Plain vanilla, I know, but sometimes I just need to scan the headlines.

2. Craigslist

I really like to find the deals, especially on modern furniture.

My favorite site to visit is...

1. Wikipedia

I think I have learned 80% of what I know from this site. I use it for everything from understanding heady academic topics to determining the meaning of street slang that I might hear in a 50 Cent lyric.

Skye MacLeod Says:
Sun, 2006-10-15 13:08

10. Chord House For lesson planning.
9. YouTube
8. Wikipedia
7. Classweb
5. LLT Online Journal For research.
4. Gmail
3. Google
2. Ultralingua I use this with my LLs.
My favorite site to visit is:
1. BBC news This is where I get news every day.

Brian Hughes Says:
Sat, 2006-10-14 09:34

10. It turns out I do not even visit 10 sites regularly.
9. Postsecret
8. PocketKnowledge
7. My Online Bank
6. Amazon
5. My Google Calendars
4. EdLab Blog!
3. Wikipedia
2. Google
My favorite site to visit is...
1. The New York Times