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Submitted by Josh Lopez on Wed, 2012-09-19 10:35

Coursera just announced 17 new schools joining the online educational company. Among the new additions are two Ivy League Universities, Brown University and (you guessed it) Columbia University.

It's exciting to see more universities jumping into this new form of education, especially when the courses being offered are not just intro level classes. Brown, for example, is offering a class on computational linear algebra, while The University of Maryland (another new addition) will be offering a course on Quantum Physics.

With half of the Ivy League now involved with Coursera, I'm curious to see what effect online classes will have on incoming students. Will students who have seen previously seen material on Coursera do better in related classes? Will these students avoid these classes because they already feel they know the material? Will students enroll in more higher level classes because they have already learned the requisite material (at no charge)?

Here's a few other newly added universities and courses I think are interesting.