Who Invented e-learning?

Submitted by Nabeel Ahmad on Sun, 08/27/2006 - 6:24pm.
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Well, according to the latest e-learning patent awarded, Blackboard is. This article details how Blackboard was awarded a patent not for their technology portion, but rather for the way they organized their LMS to be scalable across corporations, organizations and universities.

What does this say about the future of competition and innovation in the e-learning realm for platforms like Moodle (at TC) and Sakai (at Columbia)? Well, for starters, Blackboard sued their closest rival in market share the day they received the patent. Hmm...

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Paul Says:
Thu, 09/25/2008 - 4:53am

E-learning, an epitome of the modern era. Get educated at a distance, its a novel concept and no matter who introduced it the end user benefits, and that to me is what counts. This concept of distance learning is now spreading like wild fire especially with Web 2.0 being now incorporated into the internet. The world of online schools or even resources pointing for quality education is a fact that we cant just ignore.

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Brian Hughes Says:
Sun, 08/27/2006 - 7:02pm

Umm, anyone interested in patenting PocketKnowledge's special powers? (Anyone want to find out if any part is particularly unique, or if these parts are unique when assembled as a whole?)

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Nabeel Ahmad Says:
Sun, 08/27/2006 - 8:02pm

Who knows, maybe concept of dynamic intersections are "patentable", no? Worth a try.

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Anthony Cocciolo Says:
Sun, 08/27/2006 - 11:28pm

It seems like the patent office is taking anything at this point, so why not... lol:-)