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Submitted by George Nantwi on Thu, 2012-03-22 22:37

Fred's recent post on Teach for America notes how most of their graduates tend to spend a year or two in the program and then go off to pursue other non-education related endeavors. This piece by the National Education Association (NEA) states that in the coming decades, the US will need to hire more new teachers as well as find new ways to retain ones already in the system. According to the article, four factors that will affect teaching recruiting is:

(1) a shrinking teacher force

(2) a growing student population

(3) a lack of diversity among teachers to match the diversity of their students

(4) a need for teachers in specific types of schools, geographic locations and subject areas

In addition to these, what are some other factors that can or will affect teacher recruiting and/or retention in the coming years?

Kate Meersschaert Says:
Fri, 2012-03-23 09:36

George, this is a really interesting continuation of Fred's TFA post! It would be most helpful if people stopped blaming teachers for EVERYTHING EVERYTHING! The system itself should be "fixed" before we focus on teachers.